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Sustainability Goals

Recipient receiving Sustainable Development Award

ConAgra Foods' Sustainable Development Awards Program

ConAgra Foods’ Sustainable Development Awards program continues to be the cornerstone for engaging employees, recognizing the most outstanding sustainability innovations and sharing best practices across the organization. This year, employees submitted 85 award applications describing projects that significantly reduced our environmental impact while cutting costs by more than $30 million, proving again that sustainability delivers tangible business results.


Portrait of Gail Tavill“Each year, I continue to be impressed with the ingenuity and imagination of our employees behind the sustainability projects happening in our facilities and across our business. Many of this year’s projects took a no-nonsense, common sense approach to driving better effectiveness and efficiencies in our operations, delivering bigger impacts year over year.”
Gail Tavill, vice president, Sustainable Development 

Case Study

The EcoManiacs, ConAgra Foods’ Sustainability Resource Network, is comprised of employees passionate about the environment who are working together to raise awareness and change behavior for the good of our business and the planet. This year, the EcoManiacs hosted several educational webinars, highlighting topics such as recycling, composting and homeowner energy efficiency. The team also united employees in celebrating Earth Day and America Recycles Day with environmentally-focused volunteer activities such as tree planting and trail clean-up events at locations throughout the company.

Focusing on What Matters Most

ConAgra Foods' sustainability goals address the environmental issues that are most material to our business: climate change, water resources, eliminating waste, sourcing materials and services and long-term access to materials. We also believe that collaborating with others to manage these issues is critical to creating a sustainable global food supply. Climate change affects agricultural industries throughout the world and is fundamentally changing how we manage energy use in our facilities. The availability of clean water is essential to how we prepare food and critical to the farmers that grow our raw ingredients. Preventing waste — particularly food waste — is an important measure of our operating efficiency and an emerging social and environmental issue.

Climate-Change.png Water-Resources.png Eliminate-Waste.png Sustainable-Sourcing.png
Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through efficiency and innovation while adapting our business to a changing climate.

Conserving water in our operations and supply chain to improve efficiency and reduce risk. 

Reducing waste at the source and ensuring that materials are being directed to their highest value.

Collaborating with growers and suppliers to develop sustainable sourcing strategies, assuring long-term access to resources. 

Our 2020 Sustainability Vision

Last year, we announced a new sustainability vision for 2020, with new measurable objectives for the next several years. We’re focused on working against two business strategies: first, striving to eliminate waste of all kinds — energy, water and materials — to improve efficiency in our operations; second, ensuring we have long-term access to the resources required to make our products through sustainable sourcing programs.

Striving to Eliminate Waste 

Address Climate Change through Energy Efficiency and Innovation

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent per pound1   

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Carbon Footprint & Intensity



Reduce Water Use and Address Water Risk

  • Reduce water use by 20 percent per pound1
  • Continue to monitor changes in water availability and quality in the areas where we operate

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Total Water Withdrawal & Water Use Per Ton of Product


Keep Waste Out of Landfills

  • Reduce waste generation by 1 billion pounds cumulatively in our facilities by 20202
  • Continue our zero waste-to-landfill journey, while focusing on directing materials to the most beneficial use
  • Lead the industry in packaging for sustainable systems with continuous improvement of design and understanding the role packaging plays in preventing food waste

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 Landfill Division Breakdown


Food Access & Availability

Work with Our Supply Chain Partners Toward Assuring Long-term Access to Ingredients and Materials Needed to Make Our Products

  • Encourage implementation of sustainable agriculture practices with our contracted farmers through implementation of a field-level, metrics-based program
  • Participate in certified sustainable sourcing programs, where material to our business

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1 From baseline levels in 2008
From baseline levels in 2011

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